My name is David Falkner and I’m a software developer and enthusiastic geek living in Seattle, Washington.

Although I currently have 9 years of experience in the C# and .NET ecosystem, I am currently enjoying branching out into some new things. Slightly new things, anyway. After recently experimenting with Ruby on Rails for a few months, and considerably enjoying working in that space, I became more interested in learning F# and functional programming techniques in general, feeling like this provided me with the most unique and challenging learning opportunities.

Also, after eschewing JavaScript for years, I’ve found that some newer MVC frameworks such as AngularJS provide enough recommended structure to be very appealing. Okay, aside from some middling competence with jQuery, Angular has been the onlyframework I’ve really given much of a shot, but I have definitely enjoyed working with it so far.

In a broader, technology-agnostic context, my primary interest is in any complexity-management techniques, such as SOLID, DDD, O-O etc. (as well as whatever I might have yet to learn from foraying into functional programming), and hopefully I can convey some useful lessons learned, through this blog.